Whish Opening Order Pkg. 1 – Skin Care

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An Assortment of Popular Whish Skin Care Items

This opening order contains 40 popular Whish skin care products (30 Retail items plus 10 Testers). See the complete list below.


  • Includes 40 products total: 30 Retail, 10 Tester
  • Revitalizing Cleansing Oil ?C 3.4oz 3/pk (WHICREV10013PK)
  • Renewing Mud Mask ?C 2oz 3/pk (WHIMREN10013PK)
  • Botanical Primer with Bakuchiol ?C 2oz 3/pk (WHIBOT10013PK)
  • Replenishing Day Cream ?C 1oz 3/pk (WHIDREP10013PK)
  • Recovering Night Cream ?C 1oz 3/pk (WHINREC10013PK)
  • Repairing Eye Serum ?C .5oz 3/pk (WHIEREP10013PK)
  • Restoring Face Oil ?C 1oz 3/ pk (WHIFORES10013PK)
  • Whish Lifting Eye Mask ?C 3/pk (WHIEYELIFT10013PK)
  • Whish Nourishing Dew Mask ?C 2oz 3/pk (WHIMASKDEW10013PK)
  • Firming Sleep Mask ?C 2oz 3/pk (WHIMASL10013PK)