Fair SkinTone Ben Nye Cake Makeup Kit

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Fair SkinTone
The Theatrical Cake Makeup Kits by Ben Nye include water-activated Color Cake Foundations and MagiCake Aqua Paint contour colors plus a generous range of of products including creme contours and effects.
Kit Contents: Each includes five Color Cake Foundation shades suitable for male and female performers, Creme Contour Wheel,Five MagiCake Contour and Accent Shades, Pressed Shadow and Highlight, Pressed Rouge, Hair Color, Translucent face Powder, Eyebrow Pencil, Lip Pencil, Black Pencil, Nose & Scar Wax, Spirit Gum and Remover, Stage Blood, Hydra Cleanse, Flat Brush No, 1, two Flat Brush No. 5, Rouge Brush, Eyebrow/Lash Comb, Velour Powder Puff, Hydra Sponge, Swab Tip Applicators in a cardboard box.